End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

Meet Your Execs!

President: Nichola Lee


I am a 3rd year Art history Student in UBC and I’m your UBC Wine Tasting Club President for this year. I joined the club in my first year because it seemed like an affordable way to learn about something that is appreciated internationally. I have to admit, I felt a little nervous at first (being a noob and all), but I quickly realized that everyone was there to learn something new. This is why, every year, we start with Wine 101 as our first tasting and build up from there. Plus, learning how to pair wine with your food is pretty sweet. There is a wine for every dish, from curry, to pasta, to barbeque, to sushi. I’m really excited for this year because we have an amazing team who’ve worked hard to try and bring you if not the best, then at least the most quirky, fun and interesting wine tasting experience!

Vice-President External and Wine Expert: Joshua Decolongon

Hi! I'm Josh, a 3rd-year Cognitive Systems Student. I was bitten by the drunken wine bug ever since one of my best friends bought me a bottle of 2007 Burrowing Owl Syrah for my birthday. Since then, I've simultaneously become awesome and annoying by selling wine, beer, and spirits at a couple of private liquor stores and ID-ing you every single damn time. I've also taken WSET classes up to the advanced level, which gives me an excuse to call drinking "studying" and to shoot random alcohol facts at you when you literally care the least. 

I'm also slowly becoming a beer geek, but shh!

I like wine because it's art, it's science, it's culture, and you can drink it. I joined the club to share some knowledge and to geek it out with my fellow wine-o's, and I very much look forward to doing more of that this upcoming year.

Vice-President External: Ryan Sinclair

 Hello, my name is Ryan Sinclair and I am majoring in Sustainability and Environment (however, I have a vast interest in literature and English). I joined the UBC Wine-Tasting Club because I am curious about the nature of wine and fascinated by its many colorful aspects, including how it brings people together. I've learned many things from the Wine-Tasting Club; Most notably are food pairings, grape fermentation processes, learning about the world's most famous vineyards, and much more. I think what I am most excited about for this upcoming year is delving even deeper into wine culture and applying it to our club and to hopefully create a grander appreciation for wine that can be shared amongst the board and the members alike

Vice-President Internal: Matthew Chun

I'm Matthew Chun, your new VP Internal for the year!

I'm currently entering my fourth year studying two different majors in Computer Science and Cognitive Systems.

I joined the Wine Club for several good reasons, one was to relieve some stress with the help of wine! The other was to meet new people, while also getting a chance to learn more about the nuances of wine culture! It's the social gathering of wine that I find awesome, and hopefully you guys will too!

Treasurer: Eden Lin

Hello there, my name is Eden and I'm a fourth year Science student majoring in Psychology. I joined the Wine Tasting Club because it seemed like an awesome way to be able to try out and learn about a ton of different wines (at an affordable price!) in a relaxed environment. No one made me feel like an amateur and being part of the club has really helped me appreciate wine more as I learn about different food pairings and just other random wine trivia in general. This year's going to be great and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and trying all the cool wines we have lined up for our tastings!

Wine Expert: Yanfei Jessica Peng

Hi, I'm Jessica Y.F. Peng in 4th year Nutritional Science. Along the years with studying wine, wine to me is like blood to a human being. And joining the Wine Club is like getting together with the same species. For next year, I am looking forward to the growing population of this creature! Welcome to join us!

Wine Expert and Promotions: Holly Liu

 Hi everyone, my name is Holly Liu, and I am a third-year student majoring in Food market Analysis in LFS. 

The reason why I joined the UBC Wine Tasting club is that I fell in love with wine after taking FNH 330 Wine science at UBC. I am very impressed by the complex flavours and aromas in each wine and the complicated wine making processes. 

What I learned about wine tasting:
Every wine has its own reason to be in the market, no matter whether it’s a cheap or expensive one. Therefore, I really appreciate the value of each wine and the efforts that wine makers make. I am hoping to share the joy of tasting wine with many others in the future.

What I most excited about for next year is our wine tasting tour to Lulu Island Winery in Richmond. We are going to see how wine is actually made, taste some wine and have food parings along the wine we taste.

Logistics: Lavender Wen

 Hello, my name is Lavender. I am 3rd-year student in Economics and also minor in commerce. Although I am a little bit serious person in class, actually I am an enthusiastic girl outside of school. Since I have travelled over ten countries, I very enjoy tasting different kinds of food and drink. Sometimes I take dancing classes or go hiking with my friends. Playing basketball and skiing are also my favorite sports.

Wine tasting club is not like other huge clubs. By contrast, it is more like a warm family. This should be my main reason why I desire to become one of members here. Especially, under a comfortable and aromatic environment, every participant can try yummy cheese and fabulous wine at a reasonable price. How can you leave this club away?

Except for delicious food and wine, making new friends who also have same interest is the most attractive point for me. Listening other people's interesting drinking experience, I also do not miss the chance to learn more about wine. 

Compared to most professional wine tasters, I have the knowledge about wine which is very limited. However, I will not step back and spare no effort to work with my every outstanding and amazing partner.

By so far, the most exciting thing for me is the wine tasting field trip. We will have an opportunity to leave the city life away and visit the biggest winery in Richmond. Meanwhile, led by a wine expert, we can taste various wine and food.

Historian: Marissa Molnar

HI UBC! I’m Marissa, and I’m the club Historian this year. What is a Historian you ask? Well, I see it as the superhero offspring of an Event Photographer and a Blogger. It really has precious little to do with the BSc. in Biology I’m finishing this year, but maybe that’s why I love it so.  I joined the club knowing absolutely nothing about wine tasting, but I like to think I’ve learned a thing or two over the years, and I stay for the great people and fun opportunities. I’m definitely looking forward to the exchanges and socials the club hosts, so make sure you come say hi!

Graphic Design: Jake Molnar
Hi, I’m Jake!  I’m a 3rd year Computer Science Major (seems like a trend among Wine Execs), and the Wine Tasting Club is the perfect outlet for someone like me who’s stuck in the virtual world.  A little bit of culture, social interaction, and creativity is just what any nerd needs!
I may not be the wine expert here, but I know what I like.  Give me Garnacha, give me Syrah, give me Riesling and I am a happy man.
I’m looking forward to making some wicked Graphic Designs this year (the poster is looking super classy!), and I hope to see you at our classy-yet-warm-and-friendly soirees!

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