End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8th Spain and Portugal Wine Tasting

Which day: Friday, Nov. 8, 2012
When: 7 until 9 pm
Where: UBC Student Union Building Room 212A 

Check-in: 6:30
Tasting will begin at 7pm!

This time, we'll be covering two countries wines in particular: Spain and Portugal!
From what Joshua has told, expect to see especially savoury rich reds, as well as fruity white wines to round it all off. These all are value wines, important for us broke college students!

Please remember:

Drop-in fee for non-members is 7 dollars
- 2 pieces of legit ID!
- Bring some snacks or dinner! Although we don't have something as versatile as a sparkling wine or rosé, medium to light meats might be a good idea for this tasting. Or seafood for the whites! Or you can experiment, as a lot of Spanish winemaking techniques are.
- Make sure your tummy is contento before tasting!
- Be sure to visit/join our Facebook page and blog:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's the Zombie Apocalypse! Well actually it's just a Halloween themed Wine Tasting!

It's that scary time of year again (at least it's supposed to be right?). For the sake of the upcoming fake holiday, we can now explore together which wines would pair well with a zombie apocalypse!

According to our wine expert Josh, apparently these! :


This Friday will be your chance to discover these post apocalyptic wines, everything from a sweet to super earth red wines from countries like France, Spain, Chile, and Italy.

Please note that the cap is around 40 people this time, so please RSVP via the emails that we have sent when as soon as possible!

Obligatory reminders:
- 2 pieces of legit ID!
- As per usual, the tasting will take place from 7PM to roughly 9PM in room 212A of the SUB.
- Bring some dinner or snacks! Sparkling wine is versatile, and we have two sweet wines, so take advantage of that and bring a muffin or chips or something. Or meat. For the red wine.
- Make sure your tummy is happy before tasting!
- Be sure to visit/join our Facebook page and blog:

See you guys there! It won't be scary.... or will it?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 12th Tasting, take a break from midterms!

I servived midterms  I relax now mkay

Which day: Friday, Oct.12, 2012
When: 7 until 9 pm
Where: UBC Student Union Building Room 212A 

Check-in: 6:30
Tasting will begin at 7pm!

Hey guys, we're about due for another wine tasting and what fantastic timing! Right in the middle of midterms, or maybe the end for some of you! Hopefully some noble grapes, sweet, and sparkling wines will cheer you all up!

Either way, come by to relax, meet new people, and learn more about wine in the process!

This time we are using a RSVP poll, so please find our Doodle on our Facebook page to RSVP if you're a member. Drop-in's are still possible but not guaranteed.

Also it would be lovely, if some food can be brought as well.

As always, please bring two pieces of ID to verify your age.

See you all there!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Tasting of the Year: Wine 101 and Round Table Social

Which day: Friday, Sept.28, 2012
When: 6:30 until 9 pm
UBC Wine Tasting Club Presents: Round Table SocialWhere: UBC Student Union Building Room 212A

Check-in: 6:30
Tasting will begin at 7pm!

Hello everyone!

With school starting up again, we thought it would be the perfect time to start up the tastings once again!

This time, we're doing a round table social, where the emphasis will be on meeting and discussing the wines with both members and people just generally interested in wine.

And for new comers to the wine world, this year we are happy to have 4 executive and council members that have successfully completed the WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) certification process, and will be more than glad to help us be introduced to the basics of wine tasting!

Please remember to bring 2 pieces of government issued IDs (eg. driver's license, passport) that can verify that you are 19 years or older.

We are still selling memberships for prospective members for $40 for one year, but we still do offer drop in's for $7. The event is first come, first serve, so please aim to arrive early!

There will also be a chance to win prizes for members, that involves two Lulu Island Winery Tour tickets!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 23rd Wine Tasting

When: Friday, March 23rd
Where: SUB 212A
What Time: 7 to 9pm

Hey guys, its been a while, but we're finally going to have a tasting this week! 

Its the usual time and place, and as usual we're limiting the participants to around 40 people. So please RSVP with the emails that we sent out.

Remember that non-members will have to pay $5. 

Please remember to bring 2 pieces of ID, which should be government issue, eg. Your driver's license

If we're lucky... maybe we'll have a special surprise!

Hope to see you guys there!

UPDATED:  FYI you guys, we are also planning to hold our council membership elections, where you members can apply for positions for the club! More details will be emailed to members later!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

10th February , Valentine's Social Round Table Tasting

When: 10th February, Friday
Where: SUB 212A
What time: 7 - 9pm

Hey guys, it's time to celebrate that special little holiday called Valentine's Day, and what better way to celebrate then with some wines to go along with it? 

We're capping the event around 40 people, with our members getting priority seating so please RSVP ahead of time via the email that we sent or will send you. But we always welcome drop in's as well for $5.

Also as usual, please remember to bring 2 pieces of ID, this is mandatory. Both ID's must be government issued eg. Driver's license, passport, etc. So your UBC ID card can't count as one. 

Hope to see you guys there!

Monday, January 23, 2012

27th January Wine Tasting: Comfort Wines

When: 27th January
Where: SUB 212A
What time: 7-9pm
 Hey guys, after a great start to the new year, we hope that you all will join us again this week for yet another wine tasting! This time we're covering the theme of "Comfort Wines".

 Once again, this time we're limiting the capacity to 35 people total, so please RSVP with the Doodle email link we sent out to members.

 However, we are encouraging drop-in's as well but members still have the priority of course. Non-members will have to pay a fee of $5.

 Also, remember to bring 2 pieces of ID, this is mandatory, and your UBC ID card does not count as one Hope to see you guys then!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jan. 13th, Wine Tasting

When: 13th, January
Where: SUB Room 212A
What time:  7 to 9pm

Hey guys, we hope that you all had a fantastic holiday break, and come join us for a little reunion over some wine this Friday!

This time, we're limiting the event to around 35 people, so please RSVP as soon as possible:
(you'll be emailed the RSVP page)

- bring 2 pieces of ID (your UBC student card does not count)
- non-member drop in's will have to pay $5