End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 12th Tasting, take a break from midterms!

I servived midterms  I relax now mkay

Which day: Friday, Oct.12, 2012
When: 7 until 9 pm
Where: UBC Student Union Building Room 212A 

Check-in: 6:30
Tasting will begin at 7pm!

Hey guys, we're about due for another wine tasting and what fantastic timing! Right in the middle of midterms, or maybe the end for some of you! Hopefully some noble grapes, sweet, and sparkling wines will cheer you all up!

Either way, come by to relax, meet new people, and learn more about wine in the process!

This time we are using a RSVP poll, so please find our Doodle on our Facebook page to RSVP if you're a member. Drop-in's are still possible but not guaranteed.

Also it would be lovely, if some food can be brought as well.

As always, please bring two pieces of ID to verify your age.

See you all there!

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