End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

End of Month Tastings SUB Room 212, Fridays 7pm

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Tasting Recap

Big thanks to all those who came to our first tasting of the year!

Especially, big thanks to Sheila Whittaker!  Her expertise on the quality and history of wine provided the rich context of how each wine region's characteristics, grape type, and other details come in to affect the final flavours of the wines.

Speaking of which, to recap, here are the wines that we had:


Benjamin Nieto Senetiner
Chardonnay 2008
Mendoza, Argentina

Joachim Ress
2009 Riesling
Pfalz, Germany


2008 Merlot
Bordeaux, France

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Central Valley, Chile

While the tasting certainly was eventful to say the least, we hope that all of you guys enjoyed your first foray in wine tasting.

Once again, special thanks to Sheila , Firefly Wines and Ales, and of course, you guys for making this event happen.

Be sure to checkout Sheila's blog filled with not only great information about wine, but also travelling as well at:


And our sponsor:


We hope to see you guys at our next tasting!

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